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COBS is a club that encourages participation in running at all levels.





Our sessions across the week are led by qualified leaders with different pace groups supported more info below

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Starting Saturday 26th January 10.15am ZERO to 5K

Jewellery Quarter

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To find out more including which session best suits you

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Programme and Session Info

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We have 4 sessions. All are free to attend.

  • Tuesday open sessions are suitable for everyone
  • Thursdays tempo session for those who can complete a 5k within 28 minutes
  • Saturday sessions are longer runs at a range of paces. For these it is more important how long you can sustain a run for rather than how fast.
  • Sunday are suitable for all, including absolute beginners, experienced runners and all in between


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Session further info

Tuesday sessions

Tuesday 7pm (for a 7.15pm start), Aston University

open to all runners who can run at least 1 mile in 14 minutes

Usually finish by 8pm


Thursday evening

6.45pm for a 7pm start, Livery Street

suitable for people who can complete a 5k in up to 28 minutes.


Saturday long run sessions

No Saturday run in December

The next Saturday run will be on 19th January email for more info



Sunday sessions for All Runners

Aston University 11am 



For more info including start time, paces, distance covered and location 

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More about City of Birmingham Striders (COBS)





We are a UKA affiliated club, emerging from Yoga Haven run club which was established in 2012. 


There is no cost per session

 You do not have to be a member to join sessions


Standard membership costs £30 and covers any part of the April to April year. The sooner you take up membership the more time you get as a member. However membership can be started at any time from April n one year to March in the next.For more details please see the club membership page.


Sessions are led by UK Athletics qualified running leaders. 

Club leaders for 2018-19 are Nav, Lisa and Seth.

Club leaders are supported by session support leaders who may also be fully qualified run leaders. On occasions a session may be led by a session support leader.


Our run sessions are open to any age from 12 years old upwards. 12 - 16 year olds must have written approval from an adult who is responsible for their care.




There are local, county, and regional level races that we promote within the club and support within our training programme. To represent the club in races, and to enter relays and cross country you need to be a member and wear the club vest. See the Race Details page for more information.


Cross Country 2018 - 19 fixtures

Locations for the Men's League

November 10  Coventry (Northbrook / Massey Ferguson)

December 1  Gloucester (Plock Court)

info for men's league

2019 fixtures:  January 12: Droitwich. February 9: Gloucester

Locations for Women's League

November 10 Coventry

December 1 Stratford

2019: January 12:Droitwich, February 9: Gloucester

info for women's league



Prioritised Road Races 2018


Results in these races determine club awards at the end of the year. All times are converted to 2015 standard age grade results to make results level between genders and ages. 60% age graded results achieved by club members in these races are noted on the age graded results page. Members who get a 70% age grade result get an award for that achievement, these members are then not eligible for other club awards.


Prioritised Races by month



Birmingham Half Marathon / 10k / 5k results

Sutton Coldfield Park

This half marathon counts as part of a half marathon challenge. The age grade winner of the overall challenge gets a club award. Only those who are members at the time of their recorded runs and are still members end of March 2019 can get the award. At least 2 half marathons from the prioritised or recommended races should be finished to qualify for the club award.




Simply Health Birmingham 10k results




Sutton fun run 8.5 miles, Sutton Coldfield results



Arden 9 miles, Hampton-in-Arden results




Northbrook 10k results



Stratford Summer Six (6 miles) results




Atherstone 10k results




Lichfield 10k results




Birmingham half marathon enter




Conductive Education 10k, Cannon Hill Park enter


Parkrun Cannon Hill Park unless notified otherwise. Sign up and print off barcode to record result.

Parkruns and relays are part of a 5k challenge. The age grade winner of the oeverall challenge gets a club award. Only those who are members at the time of their recorded runs and are still members end of March 2019 can get the award. At least 2 races at this level should be finished to qualify for the club award.

March 24 results

others tbc


Relays (dates subject to final confirmation) info and results

March 17

September 22


Cross Country 2017 - 18 League Races Results

Cross Countries are counted together in an overall challenge with the highest ranked club member in the men's and in the women's league winning a club award (must do more than 1 race to get the award)

all men's league results

January 13 women's league results

February 10 - men only see men's league results above


Recommended Half Marathon Races

June 24 Shifnal

July 1 Leamington

July 7 Brimingham Black Country

September 2 Wolverhampton

These races are included in the COBS half marathon challenge.


Warwickshire Road Race league

A series of races organised by the county and with a good community spirit to many of them. It is recommended that members try to do 4 WRRL races as this, in 2017, provides guaranteed entry into the Two Castles 10k which is part of WRRL series and is not prioritised because it is entry by ballot. 3 WRRL are prioritised leaving any of the others as recommended if they fit into your own plan.

The Kenilworth half and the BRAT 5k count towards their respective club challenge award.

For more please see the WRRL planner here





Age grading is a method that is used to reflect the knoweldge we have about how people run at different ages. It enables runner to compare themselves against the expected pace for a runner in their age group. It is worked out against a time based rounded off from the best in the age category and revised every 5 years or so.

- 60% is a significant marker in age grading as it is considered to be the level at which club runners can run well amongst other club runners in the same age group.

- 70% is significant but much harder to achieve, it is like a threshold figure which when achieved denotes that the runner can expect to perform well amongst those from the various regions in the UK who are fastest in their age group

- City of Birmingham Striders club celebrates achievements for each individual according to their own benchmarks. For some it may take a long time to get to this level. For many 70% will be a very rare achievement at best.

With the help of well informed personalised training we can all work healthily towards and achieve goals. Age graded performance can be an encouraging target as it can be improved across the lifespan. We calculate using exact age, some races including parkrun use age category.

- The age graded performances celebrated here are the highest achieved by individual members in races prioritised by the club


2018 (using 2015 WMA age grade road race grading)

 example calculator



Road Relays

Matt Allen (5.08k) 62.21%

Mark Baker (5.08k) 61%



Nav Akhtar 62%


Arden 9

Loretta Soffe 70.59%

Jen Twine 69.94%

John Bristow 62.9%

Harriette Salvage 60.79%


Midland Road Relays 5.88k

Seth Atkin 67.28%

David Nunez Becerra 66.62%

Jonathan Evans 66.17%

Ali Hasip 60.66%


2017 (using 2015 WMA age grade road race grading)


Road Relays (5.08k)

Victor Garcia de Dios 62.67%



Ronnie Bowker 10k

Charlotte Bradford 63.17%


Cannon Hill Parkrun

Matthew Allen 62.15%


Birmingham 10k

Carol Jagpal 72.31%

Hannah Stokes 64.4%

Nav Akhtar 62.94%

Chloe Jagpal 62.85%



Cannon Hall Parkrun

Seth Atkin 71.83%


Masters Relays

Mylo Patrice 69.79%

Ali Hasip 67.90%



Stratford Summer 6

John Bristow 64.64%




Loretta Soffe 66.82%



Conductive Education 10k

Jen Twine 70.08%






2016 (using 2015 WMA age grade road race grading)


Cannon Hill Parkrun 5k

Marlon Patrice 68.70%

Kasia Niedzwiedska 63.32%

John Bristow 60.45%



Birmingham 10k

Chloe Jagpal  65.73%

Hannah Stokes 65.35%

Matthew Stevens 60.13%



Cannon Hill Parkrun 5k

Loretta Soffe 67.53%


Regional Road Relays (men 5.88k, women 4.33k)

Rohan Kallicharan 71.24%

David Nunez Beccera 67.28%



Birmingham Half Marathon

Charlotte Bradford 62.92%

Victor Garcia de Dios 60.55%

Shahid Valandil 60.5%



Conductive Education 10k

Carol Jagpal 76.77%

Jen Twine 68.73%



Cannon Hill Parkrun 5k

Seth Atkin 70.02%

Ali Hasip 66.97%

Harriette Salvage 64.63%

Nav Akhtar 62.93%

Adian Wheeler 61.19%



2015 (using 2010 age grade road race statistics)

19th April Regency 10k

Seth Atkin 69.63%

Marlon Patrice 66.08%

Nav Akhtar 61.82%


3rd May Birmingham 10k

Rohan Kallicharan 68.54%


21st June Arden 9 miles

Chloe Jagpal 64.55%


12th August Rowheath 5k

James Drakeford 68.50%

Maura Quill 67.96%

John Bristow 65.14%


18th October Birmingham half marathon

Carol Jagpal 78.25%

Mark Phiillips 67.25%

Hannah Stokes 62.01%



 2014 (using 2010 age grade road race statistics)

22nd June  Arden 9m

Emma Hewitt 65.07%


28th September Robin Hood Half Marathon (Nottingham)

Seth Atkin 70.24%

Nav Akhtar 63.75%


18th October Birmingham Half Marathon

Carol Jagpal 71.26%

Chloe Jagpal 62.20%


2nd November Conductive Education 10k

Mylo Patrice 61.97%